Having no friends in college can be an overwhelming and depressing situation. Most college students have at least a few good friends that they spend time with on a regular basis. It’s comforting knowing that you have people you can go to when you get depressed or have questions answered. You also don’t feel alone because there are usually many other people in your classes who also have the same problems you do. Finding a way to keep these friendships intact is your best bet for surviving college and having no friends is even worse. The first thing you need to do is get your bearings in college. Don’t let your first months in college get you down. Focus on your classes and extracurricular activities, and make sure you make time to meet with your friends regularly. If you have any in common, try to attend group events. This way you will have more people to talk to and you will be able to socialize more. This is essential in dealing with no friends in college. Next, you need to start thinking about yourself and your lack of friends. Don’t let your grades get you down, just focus on what you need to learn and get better grades in order to succeed in college. Sometimes it’s the stress of your class that gets you down and you have to remember that college is just a place to get better at what you love to do. In no other place in your life would you have to deal with this issue, so focus on your education. Dealing with no friends in college can also mean dealing with no significant other either. You might be afraid to meet anyone because you feel like there will be no romance between you and them. If this is you, then consider getting to know a few people in the school, since you will probably have to eventually meet one eventually. This is one of the most common reasons why students don’t make it through college. The last thing you have to think about is your grades. Your grades are going to determine whether or not you are able to keep your options open when it comes to colleges. There is no reason for you to have no friends either when dealing with your grades. If you have no friends in school, then you might as well learn how to focus on your grades and become a top student. Having no friends in college can mean dealing with being alone in a big way. You will have to figure out a way to handle all of your classes, including your workload, your projects, and any class notes that need to be written. You might even have to find someone to jog you on when you forget something and have to go back to class. Being alone in college is tough, but with proper planning you should be able to have a little solitude and be fine. Most of us have no friends when we first get to high school. This might be because our parents didn’t want us to get involved in sports, or it might be because we thought that if we had a bunch of friends we would have to share the expenses. If you had no friends in college, you will have to be on your own to deal with the loneliness. It is alright though; you can always find people to talk to. Remembering to have no friends in college can be hard, but you shouldn’t let it stop you from going to college. Even if you don’t have a lot of people to talk to, it is alright because you will still be able to make new friends in college. Just try not to let the no-friend idea keep you from going to college!